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Nervous Patients

Pain – free dentistry for nervous patients

Southgate Dental Care uses the very latest technology available to dentists today in order to make your experience as comfortable as possible – and provide you with the most effective treatment for your needs.

Our main priority is to ensure you enjoy your visit and feel totally relaxed. We use state-of-the-art technology to help you do just this.

This includes:

1.The very latest in patient entertainment.

Our specially designed video glasses allow you to watch a video of your choice whilst having treatment. This transforms many patients’ experience of dental treatment – particularly our more nervous ones.

The Wand2.Pain Free Injection – The Wand

It doesn't look like a syringe. It doesn't feel like a syringe. And it works better than a syringe, resulting in a more pleasant experience. Milestone Scientifics' computer controlled local anaesthetic delivery systems, which feature the Wand, a lightweight handpiece that looks like a pen, eliminates the pain you can feel from an injection.

The CompuDent™ system features state-of-the-art technology that makes painful injections a thing of the past. This revolutionary system, consisting of two main elements, the CompuDent™ computer and the Wand handpiece, features a pain-free approach to delivering local anaesthetic.

The traditional dental syringe has changed very little since its introduction in 1853. It is a difficult-to-handle item and its use frequently causes unnecessary pain due to the amount of pressure needed to inject anaesthetic. In the era of modern dentistry it would seem fitting to use computers to deliver painless dental anaesthesia.

It has been our experience that patients are amazed to feel no pain, even in those areas of the mouth which might have been expected to be sensitive.

It has been remarkable in demonstrating that the injection is still what causes most phobia and when this is painless, the rest of the treatment proceeds in a very relaxed fashion.

3. Relative Analgesia (‘laughing gas’)

You can be helped to feel relaxed by ‘relative analgesia’ sometimes known as inhalation sedation. This means breathing in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen (‘laughing gas’) which quickly leads to a pleasant, relaxed feeling. You remain conscious all the time, although you may be a little drowsy, and any treatment given causes you no discomfort. You breathe in the mixture through a nosepiece, which is very comfortable. You can’t overdose on the gas, as the mixture quickly leaves the body if you breathe in one or two breaths of ordinary air. There are no after-effects either, and you can drive a car after about 15 minutes.